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    10 quotes that will make you want to write

    I owe a great amount to other people’s words. I don’t think I would have given the idea of writing a novel much thought had it not been for Stephen King telling me (through his memoir, of course, and my dreams a little bit) to just start, write 2000 words a day, just sit down and write it all out and worry about dolling it up later. Seeing how other writers have struggled with the process, overcome self-doubt, battled perfectionism, and formed their own writing rituals is helpful in those time when I’m down on my writing or fretful over the future. If you need a little help kicking self-doubt…

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    3 great ways to find your writing voice

    One of the strongest fears most creatives face is the fear of being unoriginal. I’m not talking about accidentally stealing a fellow writer’s words and finding yourself slammed with a plagiarism lawsuit, rather that dread of being seen only in another’s shadow, your work forever tainted as “storebrand” fiction. Wal-Mart Tootie Fruities to Kellogg’s Froot Loops. The best way to avoid the generic label and stand out as a writer is to know your writing voice, which is challenging because, well, it’s yours. It’s like trying to truly hear the sound of your own vocal chords, truly see your reflection in the mirror. Often you’re too close to the situation to…

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    4 tips for faster writing

    If one of your 2019 goals is to start writing (or to start writing more — or to stop procrastinating your writing), you might have dipped your toes into the writing waters to see how they feel, and you may have found them to be colder and rockier than you’d like. One of those biting realities of writing that I tend to struggle with is how slow the process can be. For some reason, when I sit down in front of that blinking cursor and blank page, the words don’t come as freely as they did in my head, and I find myself backtracking, editing, biting my nails, worrying about the…

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